Finding Ways to Stick Together

Evaluate the Circumstances

Despite how much you love your family, it can often be difficult to stay close together, especially when children get older and move on to their own families. Life events like divorce, jobs in other cities, and even disagreements can cause friction in a family and make it difficult to stay close. If you are truly committed to bringing your family together, there are a few specific steps you can take.

Focus on Family Traditions

If chopping down a Christmas tree each year is a fond memory you have from when you were a kid, then you should continue that tradition, even as siblings and parents get older. Things can get even better as you Include the grandkids and teach them the family traditions and the special meaning behind them. Don’t just wait for holidays though; set up a monthly family movie or game night to encourage time spent together.

Show Support for Each Other

Your son may love soccer but you find it boring and dull; however, you can show him how much you love him by taking the time to support him in the things that he enjoys. This is particularly important when parents are divorced and one parent doesn’t see the kids as often as he or she used to. Usually, a child custody attorney can help to set up a plan that allows both parents to support kids equally in the things that are truly important to them.

Listen from the Heart

Just because one of your family members disagrees with you doesn’t mean he or she is wrong. Each person in your family has a unique and independent voice and each family member should listen to each other as often as possible, especially if the matter seems urgent or concerning. If all family members are still in the home, try setting up a family meeting once a week to talk about the things that are important to each another.

Establish Your Family Values

Although all family members will grow and mature over time, if they are ingrained with the family’s values, they will usually return to them when they are together. Establish a family motto or highlight family values whenever you are together, so you are on the same page and have a camaraderie with one another.

Enjoy Your Family