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How do I search for property?
There are several options available..

Viewing a series of maps, customers can cascade down from country to region browsing through their required point of interests.

Quick Search
Located on our homepage, "Quick Search" for places to stay offers searches to be made by Property Name, Town/City or State or County or Country keywords.

Search - Advanced
The advanced search feature offers users the chance to search more in-depth for required accommodation. Search by property name, location, accommodation type, required facilities and proximity to local landmarks or attractions.

How do I make an enquiry?
Online Accommodation puts you in direct contact with the owners of hotels, bed and breakfasts, cottages, inns, villas and self catering properties etc.. saving you both time and money. You contact them via their listing on our site. You contact them via email, their website or telephone.

I have made a booking, but wish to cancel it.
We are simply a directory of accommodation providers. All transactions are made between listed properties and our users. Any intention to cancel your booking must be made known to the proprietor, not to us please.

Are the property listings accurate ?
Online Accommodation is not responsible for the content and legality of each listing. We advise you to verify with the properties directly prior to any making any bookings or reservations.